The Alphaliner TOP 100

The Alphaliner

The Alphaliner TOP 100 provides a constantly updated ranking of the 100 largest container/liner operators as well as global capacity figures taking into account the fleets of virtually all container operators worldwide. Alphaliner has computed it on a daily basis since 1996 and it has become a benchmark for the liner shipping industry.
It allows to follow the progression of the fleet of each operator as well as the evolution of their global market shares.
The Alphaliner TOP 100 is updated every day. It is based on the fleet effectively deployed by each operator. Subsidiaries are consolidated to give a clear picture. The present document explains the way this TOP 100 is computed and how the market shares are established.

Selecting the operators and ships included in the liner count
The Alphaliner TOP 100 provides the total TEU capacity of the ships deployed by the 100 largest containership operators. For each operator, a breakdown of the existing fleet distinguishing owned and chartered tonnage is provided, as well as their total orderbook.
There are some 250 operators, or more exactly operating groups. Thus, for the purpose of the TOP 100 calculation, we consolidate the TEU capacities of Maersk Line, Safmarine, MCC-Transport and OACL, which belong to the A.P. M├Âller-Maersk Group, and we consider it as a single operator. Should every subsidiary be singled out, the number of operators would approach 500.

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Based on existing fleet and orderbook. TEU capacity available on board operated ships. All figures are consolidated.

Consolidated subsidiaries
APM-Maersk includes Maersk Line, Safmarine, MCC-Transport, Seago Line and Mercosul Line
MSC includes WEC Lines
CMA CGM Group includes CMA CGM, APL, ANL, Cheng Lie Navigation Co, Feeder Associate System, Cagema, MacAndrews, OPDR and CoMaNav
COSCO Shipping Co Ltd (formerly known as COSCO Container Lines) integrates the former CSCL-operated fleet (with affiliates Shanghai Puhai Shipping Co (SPS) and Golden Sea Shipping (GSS)) and includes Shanghai Pan Asia Shipping
Evergreen Line includes Evergreen Marine Corporation (EMC), Evergreen Marine (UK) Ltd, Evergreen Marine (HK) Ltd and Italia Marittima
Hapag-Lloyd integrates the previous CSAV fleet
Zim (ZISS) includes Gold Star Line
PIL (Pacific International Lines) includes Advance Container Line (ACL), Pacific Direct Line (PDL) and Mariana Express Lines Ltd (MELL)
Hamburg S├╝d Group includes Hamburg S├╝d, Alian├ža and CCNI
IRISL Group includes IRISL, HDS Lines, Valfajre Eight Shg Co and Khazar Shipping Co
Crowley Liner Services includes Seafreight
X-Press Feeders Group includes Sea Consortium, X-Press Container Line and Rederi TransAtlantic
Transworld Group includes former Orient Express Lines (OEL), BLPL Logistics and Shreyas Shipping
Grimaldi (Napoli) includes Atlantic Container Line (ACL) and Finnlines
Swire Shipping includes China Navigation Co, Polynesia Line and Pacifica Shipping
DAL (Deutsche Afrika Linien) includes UAFL (United Africa Feeder Line)
Unifeeder includes Unimed Feeder Services (UFS)
Containerships OY includes Contaz Line
Borchard Lines includes Gracechurch Lines
Peel Ports includes BG Freight and Coastal C.L.
Boluda Lines includes Paraguay affiliate Naviera del Mercosur
Vinalines includes associated company Bien Dong Shipping
The Alphaliner TOP 100
Fleet Data : Alphaliner
How to read the graph?
– The percentage shown on the left of each bar represents the operators share of the world liner fleet in TEU terms.
– The light coloured bar on the right represents the current orderbook (firm orders).

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