Transportation types – Road

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Many firms, like Parcelforce, FedEx and R+L Carriers transport all types of cargo by road. Delivering everything from letters to houses to cargo containers, these firms offer fast, sometimes same-day, delivery. A […]

Rail freight transport

Transportation types – Rail

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Trains are capable of transporting a large number of containers that come from shipping ports. Trains are also used for the transportation of water, cement, grain, steel, wood and coal. They are […]

air cargo

Transportation types – Air

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Air Cargo transportation Air cargo, commonly known as air freight, is collected by firms from shippers and delivered to customers. Aircraft were first used for carrying mail as cargo in 1911. Eventually […]


Transportation types – Marine

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Marine ✔ Automobiles are handled at many ports and are usually carried on specialized roll-on/roll-off ships. ✔ Break bulk cargo is typically material stacked on pallets and lifted into and out of […]