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American Airlines Cargo

American Airlines
American Airlines, Inc. (AA) is a major United States airline headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. It is the world’s largest airline when measured by fleet size, revenue, scheduled passengers carried, scheduled passenger-kilometers flown, and number of destinations served. American, together with its regional partners, operates an extensive international and domestic network with an average of nearly 6,700 flights per day to nearly 350 destinations in more than 50 countries. American Airlines is a founding member of Oneworld alliance, the third largest airline alliance in the world. Regional service is operated by independent and subsidiary carriers under the brand name American Eagle.

About American Airlines Cargo
American Airlines Cargo SM, a division of American Airlines, Inc., provides cargo service to major cities in the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia. American, American Eagle and the American Connection regional airlines serve more than 250 cities in over 40 countries with more than 3,400 daily flights. The combined network fleet numbers more than 900 aircraft. American provides one of the largest cargo networks in the world, with cargo terminals and interline connections available across the globe.

American Airlines Cargo provides more than 100 million pounds of weekly cargo lift to major cities in the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia Pacific. For over 80 years, we have consistently pushed the edge of cargo technology and expanded our network around the world.

American Airlines Cargo tracking
Your shipping needs are our priority. So not only do we provide more than 100 million pounds of weekly cargo lift to major cities in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia, we extend our reach by continuously adding new and seasonal routes.

Where we’ve come from shows you where we’re going.
At American Airlines Cargo, we carry on a proud tradition of innovation, pride and experience. In fact, we can trace our lineage back to an association of air transport companies that merged to become American Airways, which was the direct predecessor of American Airlines. The first cargo flown by our predecessor was a mail contract route from Chicago, Illinois, to St. Louis, Missouri.

It wasn’t exactly global business, but it was an important first step in the history of air cargo transport. Adding to the historical value of that trip was the identity of the young pilot who flew it – the young aviator named Charles Lindbergh.

From the beginning, we were staffed by bold and visionary aviation pioneers who flew a staggering array of aircraft, ranging from World War I surplus planes, like the Ford Tri-Motor, to the larger, more technical marvels of the day, our new Boeing 777-300ER.

Innovative Spirit
Over the years, we have stayed on the leading edge of the air freight industry through a variety of innovations, such as:
Ôťö The first scheduled air cargo service in the world
Ôťö The first air cargo tariff, which established service based on density, volume, value and perishability
Ôťö The first coast-to-coast all cargo flight, from New York to California
Ôťö The first air freight loading conveyors, soon followed by portable motorized loading conveyors
Ôťö The first corrugated containers for shipping ready-to-wear clothing
Ôťö The first Unit Load Device (ULD), known as the Paul Bunyan Box
Ôťö The first air hub and spoke system
Ôťö The first air freight terminals
Ôťö The first scissor-lift system and pet carrier container for air travel
Ôťö The first coast-to-coast jet service
Ôťö The first in-plane roller system
Ôťö The first powered cargo loader – the Astroloader for the 707 Aircraft
Ôťö The first “igloo” cargo container
Ôťö The first refrigerated cargo container
Ôťö The first US-based passenger carrier approved to carry the temp-controlled Envirotainer e2 unit
Ôťö The first super-sized cargo container for the 747 Aircraft
Ôťö Today, we provide daily scheduled cargo lift to more than 330 cities in 60 countries around the world. Our customers include some of the largest shippers in the world, such as the United States Postal Service.

From those first forays into airmail to the heightened security of today and global scheduling requirements, one thing has remained the same: our spirit of innovation. A constant drive to find a better way still prevails. This commitment to excellence has earned us an unrivaled reputation within the air cargo industry as a leader, partner and tireless innovator. And we will continue that tradition as we fly into the future.

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